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Green Plumbing Solutions technicians service, install and repair water heaters and water softeners of all styles.

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Water Heater Info

Our plumbers understand conventional gas or electric water heaters together with newer tankless (on-demand) water heaters. You should not stress about water heater repairs, Green Plumbing Solutions will certainly take plumbing problems off your back. You can select a water heater through us or even purchase one via the vendor of your choice then contract Green Plumbing Solutions to install it.

Water Heater Life Expectancy

A good typical water heater should really survive roughly eleven years, tankless heaters have got a life expectancy of fifteen to 20 years. Hard water will probably shorten the actual life, recurring service would certainly lengthen this.

Water Heater Performance

Tankless heaters are deemed even more energy efficient as compared with traditional heaters simply because they will not need to consistently heat up a tank of water. Tankless heaters warm up water immediately when a hot water tap is actually opened. Though not all conventional heaters are created the same.
Tankless Water Heater

Desired Settings

Is your water heater exceedingly hot? For you to lower any probability of scalding and to keep from the actual risk of running out of hot water, a large number of plumbing companies, which includes Green Plumbing Solutions encourage a temp setting of 120-125F.

Be Free From Danger

Always keep safeness on your mind any time it comes to water heaters. Do not ever stock paints, solvents and / or combustibles in the proximity of the unit because of the glaring threat regarding fire.